Engagement for Your Employer Brand: LIVE Online CHAT

Hire engaged talent via our Online Job Fair and Expo. It’s super fast, efficient, and will save on sourcing costs. No more of hassle of parking, logistics, and expensive costs!

Some of the Brands We Work With

Working with the best companies and brightest teams to deliver outstanding results

Spotlight on Your Employer Brand

Our LIVE chat brings out the community together to discuss opportunities around your employer brand.

Your Own Chat Room

Easily connect with candidates using our chat room. Save time for sourcing talent.

Direct Link to Your Job Postings

Your logo and direct link to your postings will be on our top of the chat page.

List of Candidates

You will have the list of candidates with their portfolio and Linkedin profile.

LIVE Chat via Online Job Fair & Expo

No Zoom video. Text-base chat to engage with the community around your company and opportunities.

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